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We offer high speed ferry service between the islands of St Maarten - St Barthelemy (St Barth) - Saba - St Eustatius. Great Bay Express offers convenient schedule starting at 7:15am and last run at 6:45pm. This allows the traveler the flexibility and options they deserve when traveling between islands. Whether it be making the final connection after a long day of flying to reach your destination of St Barth and surrounding islands or getting back to the airport on time after your stay.  The Great Bay Express staff and crew are there to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and easy as possible.

St Maarten ↔ St Barth
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Saint Barthelemy, a French-speaking Caribbean island commonly known as St. Barts, is known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops. The capital, Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbor, has high-end restaurants and historical attractions like the Wall House, whose exhibits highlight the island’s Swedish colonial era. Perched above town is 17th-century Fort Karl, looking out over popular Shell Beach.

"Where The Rich And Famous Go To Get Away"
Take The Day And Escape To The Tranquil Upscale Island Of St Barthelemy
St Maarten ↔ Saba 

Saba, a Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles chain, is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Measuring just 13 square kilometers, it consists essentially of the top of the dormant Mount Scenery volcano. Its surrounding Saba Marine Park, a renowned dive site, is home to coral formations, dolphins, sharks and turtles. There are also offshore seamounts, or underwater mountains created by volcanic activity. With unlimited hiking and island exploration and island tours available you are sure to fill your day while on the island of Saba. 

Take the day the experience the true Caribbean experienced by few.
St Maarten ↔ St Eustatius 
The Caribbean of yesterday before tourism arrived.
Adventure of a Life Time

Sint Eustatius also known affectionately to the locals as Statia is an island in the Caribbean. The island lies in the northern Leeward Islands portion of the West Indies, southeast of the Virgin Islands. Sint Eustatius is immediately to the northwest of Saint Kitts, and to the southeast of Saba. The regional capital is Oranjestad. The island has an area of 21 square kilometers (8.1 sq mi). The population is officially estimated at 3,877. The official language is Dutch, but English is the "language of everyday life" on the island and education is solely in English. The name of the island, “Sint Eustatius”, is the Dutch name for Saint Eustace (also spelled Eustachius or Eustathius), a legendary Christian martyr, known in Spanish as San Eustaquioand in Portuguese as Santo Eustáquio or Santo Eustácio.

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